When you make a booking, you agree with the terms and conditions below.

Please therefore read them carefully when you want to book.


1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, arrangements,

reservations and agreements related to the holiday homes located in the Koekoekstraat 64 and 66 in Hoeselt, which is offered for rent by M. and Ms. Loenders-Cams.

2. These Terms and Conditions refer to:

– owner: M. and Mrs. Loenders- Cams

– tenant: the person who concludes an agreement with the owner regarding the rent / use of the holiday home.

– guests: the tenant and the persons specified by the tenant who will use the holiday home rented by the tenant.

3. Agreements deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if in writing

agreed with the owner.

4. The owner reserves the right to adjust these General Terms and Conditions at any time. This takes appropriate account of the rights and claims from the customer.

5. The booking details and comments in the guestbook will be used for the execution of the agreement, but can also be used for marketing purposes.


1. Owner is only bound to the rental agreement after receiving the full payment.

2. The owner obliges himself to deliver the holiday home clean and in a good condition to the tenant at the agreed time.

3. Owner may enter the property at any reasonable time to check whether the tenant respects the general conditions and house instructions. Especially for urgent maintenance or technical inspections, the owner can always, after notification of the tenant, enter the property to take the necessary actions.

4. Owner is not liable for: damage or injury resulting from the stay in the holiday home, on the corresponding grounds or by using the on its grounds existing facilities; damage claims arising from nuisance caused by third parties; oral or telephone information; become inoperative or out of use

facilities or facilities as well as technical failures; odor, noise or other

inconveniences resulting from work or activities in the vicinity of the holiday home;

damage caused by natural violence, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes,

violence, etc.

5. Owner is not liable for theft or damage to property from tenant.

6. Owner is entitled to dissolve the reservation:

1. if the owner does not have the full rent at the start of the rental period

2. if the tenant does not fulfill his obligations as laid down in these conditions


1. An agreement has been concluded between the tenant and the owner at the moment

that the owner has confirmed the reservation to the tenant and the full payment happened.

2. The tenant is deemed to have rented the property with the inventory therein without damage

have accepted, unless he has reported to the owner on the day of arrival of damage or non-working appliances.

3. The maximum number of guests allowed is 2 . The tenant may not relinquish the holiday home to third parties, nor do more people spend the night there than agreed upon with the reservation, unless with written permission from the owner.

4. The tenant will only use the rented accommodation as accommodation and especially in it

do not engage in activities contrary to public policy or public morals. The holiday home may not be used for parties or as a location for photo shoots or video / film recordings without the prior consent of the owner.

5. It is totally forbidden to smoke in the home. Smoke detectors are present.

6. The tenant is not allowed to bring pets in the holiday home. Pets too visitors are not allowed.

7. The tenant will ensure that there is no inconvenience for the natural environment or the local residents arises. This means, among other things, that: no decorations are applied or (party) tents

are placed without the prior consent of the owner; music and other sound is not allowed to be heard outside. The peace and quiet of the environment must be respected.

8. The tenant will ensure that the house is delivered clean and ‘broom clean’ (dishes cleaned clean in the cupboard, furniture in their original place, floor broom clean; garbage bag, glass and paper in accompanying sorting bins).

If the home and /or environment in such a state is that one does not get by with the preconceived

cleaning hours and/or if stubborn stains have been caused in bedding, pillows, towels or other textiles that cannot be removed by normal washing then the owner has the right to charge extra costs.

Theactual additional costs for clean-up, cleaning, washing and administration costs will be

then be charged, with a minimum amount of 50 €

9. The use of candles or any other light and / or heat sources, including cooking appliances such as

fryer, gourmet or fondue other than those offered in the residence are not allowed due to safety measures and odor nuisance.

10. Making fire outside is only possible in the provided fire bowl and is done at your own risk.

11. The tenant will occupy the house neatly and cleanly and carries as a good family man

take care of the materials in and around the holiday home. He undertakes, all through his damage or negligence or otherwise caused damage to the holiday home, the upholstery, the furniture, the furniture, all available materials, … to report immediately and – to be reimbursed in consultation with the owner. This also applies to the loss of any part of the rented, upholstery or furniture.

12. The (intentional) failure to report damage can take the necessary civil and criminal law

consequences for tenants. Damage files are either mutually agreed handled directly between tenant and owner or passed on to professional insurance agencies for further processing.

13. The deposit serves to compensate for accidents or damage and is paid at reservation. The check of the holiday home is done at cleaning. So it is during cleaning that damage, loss or breakage can be determined. When everything is in good order left behind and no damage or breakage has been detected, your deposit will be refunded by bank transfer at last 2 weeks after your stay returned. Does the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the tenant is obliged to transfer an additional payment within the week after reporting.

14. Following matters may also give rise to the full or partial withholding of the deposit: smoking in the house, moving furniture, staying with more people then allowed, allowing animals in the home, causing odor nuisance in whichever way, the general state of the home and the interior after check-out.

15. The tenant is requested to be insured for damage to third parties such as one liability insurance (family insurance). The tenant is pointed out there good to assume his civil liability, in case of the caused by him fire of the holiday home in question. Please check with your insurance agent.

16. The tenant ensures that the house rules that are present in the home are complied with.

17. Tenant shall ensure the fulfillment of all obligations arising from the reservation and the

stay, both from tenant, other guests and possibly visitors. Tenant is therefore liable for damage and nuisance caused.

18. The tenant can move the house on the arrival date from 16.00 hours and will enter the house

must leave before 11 am on the departure date.


1. Do you have a question and / or remark during your stay? In that case, please telephone

contact the owner via 0032 479 810457 or other specified numbers as well via hallo@loof-cabin.be.

The owner will try to reply as soon as possible and where possible, to provide a suitable solution.


1. Payment is made immediately upon reservation of the holiday home. The reservation is only

definitive when the owner has received the booking amount.

In the absence of a payment in accordance with the above, the owner can inform the tenant

deny the use of the holiday home.

2. If the tenant wishes to cancel the reservation after payment, the tenant will appeal to his own personal cancellation insurance to recover the amount. Owner will be notified as soon as possible in case of cancellation.

3.In case of cancellation or change up to 4 weeks before arrival date will be 10% of the total invoice amount charged.

Cancellation or change between 3 and 4 weeks before arrival: 25% of the total

invoice amount.

4. Cancellation or change between 2 and 3 weeks before arrival: 50% of the total

invoice amount.

5. Cancellation or change between 1 and 2 weeks before arrival: 75% of the total

invoice amount.

6. If canceled or modified within 1 week before the date of arrival, the full

amount charged. This also applies to not showing up or breaking down prematurely

of the stay.

7. The tenant can not exercise a right of withdrawal as soon as he / she has a payment

performed for the reservation of a specific date.

8. If the owner has to cancel the already confirmed reservation due to circumstances,

the tenant will be informed of this and the amount already paid will be refunded

being paid. The tenant does not have any more or other right than to reclaim

this amount.